Blog Entries - December 2013

Safety Tips for Driving on Snow and Ice

Winter is here and with it comes icy road conditions. We get a lot of calls this time of year because a driver has slid off the road and damaged a mailbox. While the best way to avoid an accident is to wait for conditions to improve, here a few safety tips to remember if you must drive in snowy/icy conditions:

  • Take is SLOW! A factor in many accidents is overconfidence in your ability to drive in the current conditions.
  • Wear your seat belt. This is a no-brainer at all times.
  • Pay attention to the weather. Awareness of conditions will help you be better prepared.
  • Go easy on your brakes. ABS (anti-lock brakes) do not work well on snow and ice.
  • Turn into a slide. Turn your wheels in the direction the rear of your car is sliding.
  • Icy road accidents happen in multiples. Your own accident is sometimes not the greatest threat to you.
  • Don't stop for accidents or stranded vehicles along an icy roadway. Helping others is a good thing, but on an icy road, it can cause more problems than it solves

So drive safely this winter, but if a mailbox does happen to get in your way, contact us here at Nice Mailbox. We provide the Greater Cincinnati Area with quality, affordable mailbox sales, service and installation!

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