Nice Mailbox, Inc offers a wide variety of residential and commercial, postal approved, mailboxes, posts and accessories. We are a local distributor for manufacturers across the country and are capable of providing most mailbox products to complete your custom look.

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step 2

Step 2 Mailboxes

Did you know that the post mailbox is the first Step 2 product developed? Step 2 plastic mailboxes are often rated the "best mailbox" on the block. Step 2 mailboxes are durable, maintenance free, and are available in a variety of neutral colors including black, brown, and stone. 


Available Styles

Mail Master Trimline Standard


Mail Master Trimline Plus


Mail Master Plus


Mail Master Timberline Plus



Mail Master Classic Plus



Mail Master Stone Hill Plus


Mail Master Wrought Iron Plus



Mail Master Villager



Mail Master Hudson


Mail Master Hudson with



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